Precedent Meaning and Classification of Precedent

Precedent Meaning and its classification

Introduction to Precedent In England, the Common Law also known as unwritten law has been preserved in the form of decisions of the superior courts since the close of the thirteenth century. T his body of case law is contained in Law Reports and has been handed down to this day. Since Royal Judges, exercising the prerogative of the Crown

How is a Precedent Disregarded

How is a Precedent Disregarded

How is a Precedent disregarded? A precedent may be disregarded in any one of the following two ways: 1). It may be overruled by a court of superior jurisdiction. In such an eventuality the precedent loses all its force with retrospective effect so that transactions entered into before the date of overruling shall be affected as much as the transaction

Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee Definition

Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee

Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee: A contract of indemnity is a contract that is made to protect the promisee from anticipated loss. This contract depends upon a loss. Whereas a Guarantee is made to enable a person to get a loan or goods on credits or employment. It may be oral or expressed. Contract: Definitions and Essentials Indemnity Meaning: Indemnity

Rights and Duties of Buyer and Seller

Rights and Duties of Buyer and Seller

Rights and Duties of Buyer and Seller in a Contract of Sale: There are certain terms and conditions in a contract without which no contract can be executed. These terms and conditions may include time, place of delivery of goods, etc. These terms and conditions are the rights and duties of the parties(buyer and seller) to the contract which has

Sale and Agreement to Sell and Its Essentials

Sale and agreement to sell

Sale and Agreement to Sell: There is little difference between a Sale and an agreement to sell. The sale is a transaction in which one person transfers his ownership concerning certain goods and thereafter simultaneously delivers the goods to another person, in response to which the person to whom the goods are transferred, pays consideration to the owner of the

Who is Unpaid Seller and His Rights Against Buyer

Unpaid Seller and his rights

Unpaid Seller Under the Sale of Goods Act 1930: Under the Sale of Goods Act 1930, it is essential that in the contract of sale, the seller when selling his property or goods the seller becomes entitled to be paid consideration as agreed. Sometimes it may happen that a transaction of Sale has taken place but the buyer without any

Contract: Definitions and Essentials


Contract in Contract Act, 1872:  A Contract is an exchange of promises by two or more persons resulting in an obligation to do or refrain from doing a particular act, which obligation is recognized and enforced by law. Contract Breach Meaning of Contract: According to Black’s Law Dictionary: Contract means an agreement between two or more parties creating obligations that

Salient Features of 1962 Constitution of Pakistan

salient features of 1962 constitution of Pakistan

Introduction to the 1962 Constitution of Pakistan: The 1956 Constitution was abrogated by Muhammad Ayub Khan and Martial Law was enforced in the country in 1958. Muhammad Ayub Khan became the head of the state. In the 1956 Constitution, a Parliamentary form of Government was introduced. As a new constitution was required to run the country, the 1962 Constitution came