Salient Features of 1956 Constitution of Pakistan

salient features of 1956 constitution of Pakistan

The Constitution of 1956 – The First Constitution of Pakistan: Muhammad Ayub Khan abrogated the 1956 Constitution (The First Constitution of Pakistan) and enforced Martial Law in the country in 1958. He became the head of the state. In the

Causes of Failure of 1956 Constitution Of Pakistan

causes of failure of 1956 constitution of Pakistan

Causes of Failure of 1956 Constitution of Pakistan: Muhammad Ayub Khan abrogated 1956 Constitution of Pakistan and enforced Martial Law in the Country in 1958. Following are some important causes of the failure of 1956 Constitution of Pakistan. Related Post:

Discharge Of Contract

discharge of contract

In a contract, there are certain rights and obligations on the parties to the contract. When these rights and obligations came to an end, it is known as the discharge of contract or the contract is terminated. Related Post: Contract

Government of India Act 1935 – Salient Features

government of India act 1935

Government of India Act 1935: The Government of India Act 1935 was enacted on the 1st of April 1937. The political parties considered it disappointing and dissatisfactory. The famous Communal Award was announced by British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald in

Dower(Mahr) and its Kinds


Dower(Mahr): Dower is inherent in the concept of Muslim marriages and it is an integral part of it as well. Dower is one of the conditions of validity of Marriage and an agreement to forgo it is not permitted because

Decree, Judgment and Order Under CPC

decree judgment order under cpc

Introduction to Decree: A decision given by a competent court of law has jurisdiction over a concerning matter or issue, which is either a decree or order, or judgment. A decree always follows the judgment, which is pronounced by the

Haraabah: Definition, Proof and Punishment in Law


Haraabah in Law: Haraabah is liable to Hadd is included in the Offences against Property (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance, 1979. It is the modification(change)of the existing laws against property to bring the commission(perpetration-(irtikab-e-juram)) of certain offences within the injunctions of

Mortgage and Types of Mortgage in Law


Mortgage Definition: You will know here about Mortgage and types of Mortgage in Law in detail. It also covers the rights and liabilities of both parties to the Mortgage. According to Section 58, A mortgage is defined as “it is