About Us

Who We Are:

Let us tell you “About Us” who we are and for whom we prepare notes and provide free information about the law. We are Students of the Law Semester System.
We value preparing helpful and easy-to-learn lessons/notes. Our main purpose is to provide easy and simple notes for the Students of Law Semester System

Why We Started Preparing Notes for Others:

After taking admitted to Law College for the BS Semester System, we faced a lot of problems as we had less time for preparing notes since we had to take classes, writing assignments, preparing presentations, which all are counted for the exam as well as marking and despite these, all we had teachers who were not all LLB or Law degree holders and they did not know how to teach, how-to guide and what to teach to students to make the students able to achieve good marks and knowledge of the law.

Finally, we, a few students, set together and realized that we should start an online presence where each and every student of law is benefitted from our notes in less time and easy way.

So, for this, we are here to give you free of cost all the relevant and essential notes for your semester system. Moreover, we will start gathering relevant cases and procedures to help you in the easiest way.

What we need is Your prayers and suggestions if we have any mistakes in our notes. So, feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Law With Shaheen Team

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