Law: Meaning, Definition and its Kinds

Definitions of Law and Kinds of Law

Introduction: Law is derived from the German word ‘Lag’ means fixed or evenly. Politically, as per regulations and rules, it is enforced by the State to regulate human conduct for the administration of Justice. Related Post: Administration of Justice and its Kinds Meaning of Law: According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the meaning of the law … Read more

Rights and Duties of Buyer and Seller

Rights and Duties of Buyer and Seller

Rights and Duties of Buyer and Seller in a Contract of Sale: There are certain terms and conditions in a contract without which no contract can be executed. These terms and conditions may include time, place of delivery of goods, etc. Basically, these terms and conditions are the rights and duties of the parties(buyer and … Read more

Dissolution of Marriage

dissolution of marriage

Dissolution of Marriage: Dissolution of marriage takes place on any of the following grounds: – Apostasy (of either party) Death Option of Puberty Divorce Related Post: Muslim Marriage Apostasy: It is the renunciation of religious faith when a Muslim renounces his faith it is called apostasy ( Ridd). The person is called an apostate (Murtad). … Read more

How is a Precedent Disregarded

How is a Precedent Disregarded

How is a Precedent disregarded? A precedent may be disregarded in any one of the following two ways: 1). It may be overruled by a court of superior jurisdiction. In such an eventuality the precedent loses all its force with retrospective effect so that transactions entered into before the date of overruling shall be affected … Read more

Who is Unpaid Seller and his Rights

Unpaid Seller: Under the Sale of Goods Act, of 1930, it is essential that in the contract of sale, the seller when selling his property or goods the seller becomes entitled to be paid consideration as agreed. Sometimes it may happen that a transaction of Sale has taken place but the buyer without any valid … Read more

Contract Law – Meaning, Definition and Essentials

contract law definition

Contract Law Definition:  Basically, the definition of contract law is that it is an exchange of promises by two or more persons resulting in an obligation to do or refrain from doing a particular act, which obligation is recognized and enforced by law. Related Post: Discharge of Contract Meaning of Contract Law:  According to Black’s … Read more