Administration of Justice and its Kinds

Administration of Justice and its kinds in detail

The administration of justice is the civilized substitute for private vengeance and retribution. It means the maintenance of rights in the political community by the physical force of the State. It involves i). the physical force of the State, ii). Politically organized society and iii). Maintenance of rights as the object. Definitions to Administration of … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Law

advantages and disadvantages of law

Jurists have expressed different views about the aim and performance of law. It’s well-known that law could be a dynamic concept which keeps on changing with time and place. It must change with changes in society. Law, in the modern sense, is considered not as an end in itself, but it is a means to … Read more

Jurisprudence – Meaning, Definition and Kinds

Jurisprudence meaning and definition

Jurisprudence Meaning: Jurisprudence is derived from a Latin word ‘jurisprudential’ which means ‘knowledge or skill of law’. The Latin word ‘Juris’ means ‘law’ and ‘prudential’ means ‘skill or knowledge’. Thus, Jurisprudence signifies knowledge of the law and its application. Jurisprudence may be considered to be the study and systematic arrangement of general principles of law. … Read more